Dr.Fitto Waist Training Corset Nude DR01

Dr.Fitto Waist Training Corset Nude DR01 (DR01)

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Daha Fit ve Daha İnce Görünmenize Yardımcı 

Çelik Balenli 3 Kopçalı Latex Korse


Artır Azalt
  • It is a corset with a tailor-made design, manufactured from latex special flexible fabrric and steel balen.
  • It has an adjustable structure thanks to its 3-stage clasp.
  • Provides fitter and a thinner apperance right from the start.
  • Provides regional tightening and thinning for regular use.
  • Provides a comfortable use under your daily clothes.
  • Shapes the body with pressure fields added to the abdomen, waist and hip.
  • Provides comfortable apperance in all kinds of clothes.